Human Capital Management

Holistically invest in employees and turn them into invaluable assets. American Chase’s HCM solutions enable you to recruit and retain the best talent, engage employees throughout their lifecycles, and develop succession plans for a healthy organizational future. Adapt to the future talent management with HCM strategies that constantly acclimatize to what comes next.
Human Capital Management

Achieve The Pinnacle Of Performance and Talent Management

Organizations today are challenged like never before to unearth and retain promising talent. At American Chase, we deploy people analytics and hyper-relevant HR management tools to help you identify and assess top performers and engage them at every stage of their career journeys.

Achieve The Pinnacle Of Performance

Map competencies to suitable hires, training philosophies, and business strategies.

Execute contingent workforce management strategies with precision.

Improve your organizational performance with actionable insights from HCM data.

Leverage data and analytics to improve the performance of your talent management programs.

Use predictive analytics to identify high-potential employees early in their careers.

Empower Employees and Unleash their Potential

Empower Employees and Unleash their Potential

Overworked HR teams and draining admin tasks are detractors to employee growth. American Chase instills a culture of development and opportunity by automating routine HR processes and giving employees the power to manage their own workflows. With tailored solutions, we liberate your HR pillar to focus on more strategic initiatives that move mountains, not paperwork.

The American Chase Suite of HCM Tools and Solutions

Digitization-induced distress for traditional workplaces is real, but so is the opportunity to persevere and come out stronger. At American Chase, support the HCM tools and solutions you need to manage your entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement while adhering to legal, regulatory, and compliance standards.

Kronos (UKG)

Kronos (UKG)

In-depth workforce management with a keen eye for productivity, automation, and analytics. Make labor a strategic asset with tools for time and attendance tracking, absence management, scheduling, and much more.

At American Chase, we minimize the risk of compliance breaches and overspending while implementing Kronos, no matter your industry.



Drive strategic unity and execution with one system for finance, HR, and planning. Track your employee data and talent pipeline in real-time to make better business decisions fueled by data-driven insights.

With focused Workday optimization, integration, and implementation services from American Chase, you can be sure your Workday investment is delivering the biggest bang for your buck.

Oracle Peoplesoft

Oracle Peoplesoft

Re-engineer your business processes with an entire suite of integrated apps that fulfill every niche EPR and HCM needs.

American Chase imparts the ability to cope with digital invasions and future-proof your business with a Peoplesoft upgrades, implementations, or integrations that unlock powerful insights and customizations for delighting your employees.

Oracle HCM

Oracle HCM

Make the impactful move to Oracle Cloud HCM and stay a step ahead in the innovation race.

American Chase’s expertise in redefining HR for the digital age helps you to stay on the offensive with predictive analytics, talent management, workforce planning and more, all the while making a soft landing on a cloud infrastructure with unmatched security.



Put people at the center of your organization’s success story by pivoting to an intelligent and intuitive HCM solution.

By digitizing your HR processes with American Chase, you can rest assured that your data is compliant, comprehensive, and secure with key takeaways such as Cloud Transformation Strategy, People Advisory, SAP Quality Audits, Organization Change Management, and more.


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Other American Chase Services


Make Salesforce the heart of your business strategy with our sustainable and scalable solutions.


Redefine the way business gets done with our flexible and future-proof Workday solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics

Access intelligent business insights with apps that capture the value of your data and extend it across your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the key components of Human Capital Management?

    Human Capital Management (HCM) is a strategic approach to managing an organization’s most valuable asset – its people. HCM encompasses all aspects of an employee’s lifecycle within an organization, with key components ranging from recruitment and performance monitoring to onboarding and succession planning.

  • What HCM challenges can American Chase help my organization with?

    There are many HCM challenges that American Chase can help your organization with, including:

    • Developing competencies to deal with change management.
    • Providing the essential structure and processes to make leadership development a strategic initiative.
    • Measure HR outcomes, effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).
    • Design and implement HR programs that engage and motivate employees.
    • Juggling multiple HR systems and managing data across them.
    • Ensuring compliance with ever-changing HR regulations.

  • How can I find out if my company needs an HCM solution?

    Following are the telltale signs that your company needs an HCM solution:

    • Inconsistent or no performance management processes.
    • Inefficient recruiting and onboarding processes.
    • Lack of visibility into your talent pipeline.
    • Outdated HRIS/HCM system that the vendor no longer supports.
    • Inability to track or measure HR KPIs.
    • Compliance risks due to lack of proper HR controls.

  • What are the benefits of automating HR processes?

    Automating HR processes can help your organization in many ways, including:

    • Reducing costs and increasing efficiency by automating manual, time-consuming tasks.
    • Improving employee satisfaction by providing self-service HR capabilities.
    • Enabling better decision-making with real-time data and analytics.
    • Better resource allocation through data-driven talent management.
    • Faster response to changing business needs with agile HR processes.

  • What is the difference between an HCM and an HRMS solution?

    Although these terms are often used interchangeably, HCM refers to a complete suite of HR applications on the cloud, with capabilities ranging from digital assistants, AI, and analytics to recruiting, onboarding, and performance management. Thus, it also includes provisions and systems to manage employee productivity. An HRMS, on the other hand, focuses more on digitizing the complete HR function of an organization, including tracking employee data, managing payroll, and providing self-service HR capabilities. It generally lacks the advanced features and functionality of an HCM solution.

  • What are the challenges of migrating from one HCM/HRMS solution to
    another, and how can American Chase help?

    Migrating from one HCM/HRMS solution to another can be daunting, given the amount of data and configurations that need to be transferred. Typical challenges include:

    • Data loss or corruption during transfer.
    • Incomplete data due to lack of mapping between old and new systems.
    • Loss of productivity due to extended downtime during migration.
    • Re-keying of data in the new system due to lack of automation.

    American Chase has a team of experts who can help you with every step of the migration process, from data extraction to system configuration and testing. We can also help you develop an actionable migration plan that minimizes risks and downtime.