SharePoint Developer

ID: 1863 | 3-5Y | INDIA

As a Cloud Engineer, you will help the platform team attain maturity in the cloud technology stack, architecture and DevOps practices with the goal to create high-quality and secure enterprise grade products

Key Tasks And Responsibilities:

  • Working with product teams to understand their infrastructure and hosting needs and develop standardized re-usable modules using code with well architected practices and security.
  • Understanding the technology roadmap and aligning the DevOps implementation within the product teams.
  • Propose DevOps technology solutions and take the lead in evaluating and implementing them.
  • Maintaining the availability of the platform components and identifying the enhancements and leading the implementation for that.

Key Technical Skills Required:

  • Extensive experience with AWS Cloud Provider and its services like, but not limited to – compute, networks, storage, databases, analytics.
  • Extensive experience in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment techniques and tools like Jenkins, Spinnaker, Nexus, etc.

Experienced in:

  • Source code systems and branching strategies.
  • Containerization technologies like Docker and its orchestration using Kubernetes.
  • Collaboration, tracking and documentation – JIRA, Confluence.
  • Infrastructure provisioning using Infrastructure as a Code – Terraform, CloudFormation.
  • Application monitoring and logging – ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, AWS CloudWatch.
  • Networking concepts – Access Control Lists, Bastion Hosts, Reverse Proxies, Forward Proxies, Load balancing.
  • One or more programming or scripting languages like Shell, Python, GoLang, Java.
  • Configuration Management – Chef, Ansible.

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